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Worldwide Catholic Distance Counseling

DiNuzzo Counseling specializes in Worldwide Catholic Distance Counseling, making Catholic counseling accessible to Catholics the world over.  Distance counseling offers clients counseling services when they are not available locally, or simply within the comfort of their own home.  With DiNuzzo Counseling, clients are able to receive counseling that is fully in line with the Magisterium…read more

“Anxiety, Depression, and Your Catholic Faith” Talks and Workshops

Catherine offers talks and group workshops in various settings.  Contact DiNuzzo Counseling for booking information. Catherine specializes in combining traditional counseling techniques and research methods with the Catholic faith to help clients overcome anxiety and depression.  The Catholic faith is a beautiful and incredible asset in overcoming these challenges and works hand-in-hand to empower those…read more

Catherine DiNuzzo, MA LPC

Catherine DiNuzzo, MA is a Licensed Professional Counselor and operates DiNuzzo Counseling, LLC. offering traditional counseling from a Catholic perspective, in a virtual format.  She has been in private practice since 2010, serving clients both domestically and internationally, with clientele spanning the globe, covering 5 continents .  Catherine is faithful to the Magisterium and operates…read more